15 Simple Ways to Prevent Air Pollution in Your Home

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  • Post last modified:January 11, 2022

Whenever we talk about air pollution, we always focus on outdoor pollution. But indoor air is also polluted. We need to take care of the quality of air we are inhaling being at home because we spend so much time being at home, specially during chilly winters. Simple ways can prevent your air at home from being polluted.

  1. Avoid smoking indoors:

    Smoking cause serious health damages. Smoking indoors accumulates toxic substances which impact the air in a negative manner.


  1. Avoid burning of wood at fireplace:

    Burning wood at fireplace allow dust and smoke to collect inside the house, making the air quality bad. Use electric heaters instead.


  1. Keep your dustbins covered to avoid attracting pests:

    If your trash is covered, it will not attract pests and insects. You will use fewer chemical substances to keep them off, thus aiding to less air pollution


  1. Remove your footwear outside your home:

    It’s the simplest way to keep air of your home clean. Shoes carry dust particles and micro-organism. Thus, removing them outside the doors is a good practice.


  1. Frequent dusting and vacuum cleaning is recommended:

    Dust accumulates very quickly and carries pathogens and pollen. Thus, thorough dusting and vacuum cleaning sofas and carpets is highly recommended.


  1. Avoid usage of lamps and halogen bulbs:

    Lamps and halogen bulbs are the cause of gas emission and particulate matter accumulation. Thus, avoiding usage of lamps and halogen bulbs is recommended. Use LED bulbs instead.


  1. Equip your kitchen with chimney and clean it frequently:

    The smoke from your kitchen aids in polluting indoor air. Thus, use chimney in order to get rid of that smoke and clean its filters frequently.


  1. Clean filters of air conditioner often:

    Filters of air conditioner are home to dust, thus cleaning them is a good practice to keep in-house air clean.


  1. Wash your bedding regularly:

    Dust particles and pet dander accumulates over the bedding very easily. Being very small in size they get mixed with air, which can be inhaled. Thus, washing your bedding often with hot water is recommended.


  1. Houseplants to purify air:

    There are some plants that reduce the indoor air pollution. It is the natural way to keep air of your home clean.


  1. Switch off lights when not using:

    Switching off lights ensure you are putting less strain on power plants, especially if they use coal to generate electricity.


  1. Avoid usage of perfumes, room freshener, scented candles, etc.:

    All of these substances add on to the particulate matter in the air. Besides these scented candles emit harmful toxins such as toluene and benzene which are harmful if inhaled in large amount.


  1. Use LPG instead of charcoal:

    Charcoal produces ash and smoke when burnt. This adds on to polluting indoor air. Thus, using LPG instead of charcoal is highly recommended.


  1. Reduce the use of chemicals indoors:

    Use of chemicals such as pesticides, detergents, etc. pollutes indoor air. Thus, avoid using them or use organic or natural products instead.


  1. Use good quality of air purifiers:

    Choosing good quality air purifier serves as the best option to make indoor air clean. Thus, your air purifier must be capable of removing 99% of air borne particles.

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