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This blog is about pollution and climate change. In this blog we will be discussing different topics related to global warming, climate change, pollution and renewable energy solutions. There is NO more room to argue that climate change is real and increasing in magnitude and severity. There are also no more debates about who should be to blame and who should do what. My heart feels out to those suffering from the consequences of this environmental crisis. Hopefully our blog will help those who are concerned about the future of earth, its resources and its people. We can do this together, and we can keep the message positive and optimistic. Let’s work collectively in making a cleaner and greener future.

To conclude, the thing we need the most at this point of time is for people to become aware and to support each other in making a positive change. This planet is our home. We must protect/take care of it. We must respect it and cherish it for the beauty and the power it possesses.

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