Impact of Food Pollution on Personal Finance

Impact of Food Pollution on Personal Finance


  1. Treatment costs.

Polluted food results in food-borne illnesses that affect your finances as a lot of money is used to treat the disease in hospitals. It is costly to treat serious diseases such as cancer and can drain your life-time savings.


  1. Polluted food is disposed off.

Polluted foods are unfit for consumption, and this means they are to be disposed of. Throwing away or disposing of food is the same as throwing away your money.


  1. Funeral expenses due to deaths.

Food pollution at its worst results in fatalities. The death of a close family member due to food pollution will lead to financial costs at the funeral, which could have been prevented by being cautious with the food we consume.


  1. A lot of time is wasted.

Time is money. When one falls sick due to food pollution, they will have to use much of their time and money to visit a doctor and recover.


  1. Loss of jobs.

Consumption of adulterated food can cause sever health harm. People have lost jobs due to food poisoning.


  1. Impulse buying.

Impulse buying can lead to heavy financial loses over time, as there is an overall increase in trashing the expired food items.


  1. Unnecessary cost to the garbage collector.

You are likely to pay more money to a garbage collector when your entire refrigerator has expired food that need to be dealt with.


  1. Cost of long-term care.

When the people we care about become ill due to polluted foods, we are likely to take care of them and even pay for rehabilitation.


  1. Recalls are expensive.

When food is polluted, it will cost you money and time to recall the manufacturer or retailer; both travel time and costs will be incurred.


  1. Legal costs.

Taking legal action against a manufacturer may cost you money. Most lawyers require upfront fees, and the legal process is complex.

Impact of Food Pollution on Personal Finance

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