Myths About Food Pollution

Since the rapid growth of food industry with never ending consumer demands like vegan, organic, nondairy, there is a bunch of myths about food pollution that we fail to recognize. Some of them which are:


  1. Organic food is not necessarily unpolluted food. In fact, the lack of pesticides/insecticides can cause major bacteria manifestations.
  1. Rinsing meat before cooking it can wash off the bacteria away.
  1. Vegetarians shall not worry about food poisoning, false! Any food that has been grown in soil can be contaminated through multiple sources.
  1. It is not safe to defrost food at room temperature. Studies suggest that bacteria multiples in as less than as two hours hence its safer to defrost food inside the fridge.
  1. As tempting as it might be, licking off raw cake batter always carries a small risk of salmonella, the most frequently reported cause of food related illnesses in the US.
  1. It is okay to consume food by its “best before” date and more of a recommendation however it should not be consumed past it “use by” date.
  1. Food pollution contamination is equal by wooden and plastic chop boards.
  1. It is not necessary to tell by the looks and smell of food if it’s safe to eat. You might think the apples have gone bad and sloppy, but they could be perfectly healthy to eat.
  1. bacteria, responsible for causing food poisoning, can only be seen under very powerful microscopes, and cannot be detected by smell or taste.
  1. The chances of cross contamination in a fridge are lesser. False! Pathogenic bacteria, present in raw food, can live and cross-contaminate other foods in a fridge.


The study about food pollution and its effects on human health is as vast as it can be. But the least we can do is make wise choices and eat healthy!

Myths About Food Pollution

Image by difisher from Pixabay

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