How to prevent the harmful effects of air pollution?

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How to prevent the harmful effects of air pollution?

On a positive note, the risks of harmful effects of air pollution is quite low, for a healthy individual, but be careful, there is no guarantee of not-getting affected. Moreover, those who seem to be more vulnerable to the effects of air pollution as I had mentioned before should cut out their exposure to air pollution to prevent the harmful consequences.

Following points could seems to be helpful to prevent harmful effects of air pollution:

  • Because traffic is the major cause of air pollution, consider alternate ways of getting around , such as, carpooling, public transportations, Buy electric or hybrid cars.
  • More than half of pollutant particles come from automobiles, so while doing outdoor activities try to avoid heavily trafficked roads as far as possible. Also, if you work or live near a busy road, you should keep your windows closed to avoid pollutant particles entering your place.
  • Reduce the use of fire, instead, use solar energy to replace fire.
  • Filter air at your home using air purifiers, wide range of air purifiers are available in the market
  • Use environmentally safe paints and cleaning products in your home and office too.
  • Follow gasoline refueling instructions for efficient vapor recovery, in addition, consider purchasing “spill-proof” labeled gasoline containers.
  • Reduce use of air conditioners and coolers as far as possible.
  • Avoid burning leaves, trash, and other degradable materials, instead, try to compost them.
  • Avoid burning plastics and papers , try to recycle them.
  • Focus on physical exercise, a healthy diet to improve your resistance towards air pollution.
  • Put on face masks while roaming near industrial areas and around busy roads to prevent inhaling polluted air.

Adopting these prevention measures may be much helpful to prevent harmful effects of air pollution on your health. Plant green plants in a huge number in your yard or garden, as green plants are natural air purifiers. Also, take out some time from your busy day to visit greenery to get fresh and healthy air. 

Above mentioned measures are for the prevention of effects of air pollution just at this instant. But eradicating air pollution from its root is the best way to be safe from those harmful consequences of air pollution. So, for this everyone should put effort on what they can from their level. So that we can breathe healthy air without any fear. 

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