Is Global Warming Real?

Is Global Warming Real?

Environment does affect our lives in many ways. Below are points discussed briefly that prove global warming is real.

1.     Surface Temperature Rise

The increasing temperature around the globe is one of the first signs of global warming. Studies have shown a rise in the average temperature of the Earth’s surface by 1.18 degrees Celsius compared to the 19th century. Proven data also shows the last seven years to be the warmest years on earth. The sudden change in the temperature has been led by the toxic human activities that lead to increased carbon dioxide emissions released in the atmosphere.


2.     Ocean Temperature Rise

Global warming has its effects on the water bodies of the planet that covers two-thirds of the earth’s surface. Oceans have absorbed a significant amount of heat becoming the storage for earth’s 90% extra energy. Studies present data that show a significant rise in temperature in the past few decades with the top 100 meters of water in the ocean to have risen in temperature to over 0.6 degrees Fahrenheit.


3.     Melting Ice Caps

With the increasing rise in the temperature, Ice sheets have seen a massive decrease in size. Ice sheets in the Antarctic and the Greenland region have shown a significant loss in their mass. NASA’s Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment’s data shows almost 280 billion tons of ice lost every year for the past 25 years. On a similar note, a little less than 150 billion tons of ice have been lost per year from Antarctica.


4.     Retreating Glaciers

In line with the increasing temperature of water in the oceans and shrinking ice caps, glaciers around the globe are not away from the effects of global warming. Images captured from space clearly show the snowcap of the famous Mount Kilimanjaro almost disappearing. Moreover, glacial bodies around the globe including Andes, Alps, Rockies, Himalayas, Africa, and Alaska all show a significant retreat in glacial bodies.


5.     Northern Hemisphere’s Decrease in Snow

Another region of the planet that fell on the knees in regards to the disastrous effect of global warming in the Northern Hemisphere. The magical place covered in snow shows less amount of ice. Yet another satellite observation, but the revelation is shocking to see the decrease in spring snow cover over the past 5 years. Moreover, with the increase in temperature, the snow is melting earlier than it did before a few years ago.


6.     Rising Sea Level

As nature functions by depending on the other element, the repercussions of the damaged element are visible on the other. With the frozen bodies melting away under the light of global warming, the sea level has seen an increased level. Data also reflects the rate of the rising levels to be almost double when compared to the 20th century. The alarming truth to the fact is that the pace at which the sea level is rising is only increasing with every passing year. Hopefully these points helps you decide if, Is Global Warming Real?


7.     Thinning ozone layer

While we read this damage in the high school science books, the effects of global warming on the ozone layer are as unchanging as the printed text on those very books. Protecting from the UV lights, the decline in this layer that protects the earth has hazardous effects on almost every living species on the planet. The consequences of which are showing evidence already with increasing pace if the release of harmful gas from man-made machines is not reduced.


8.     Increasing Skin Disease

A very massive and quite visible effect of global warming and the consequences of its effect on the ozone layer is a skin disease. The harmful UV lights of the sun are not meant to be in direct contact with the skin of humans. Increased exposure to which can and is resulting in increased skin diseases. If relevant measures are not taken, humans may just have to become bound to shades and cover if they wish to survive on the planet. Hopefully these points helps you decide if, Is Global Warming Real?


9.     Hazardous Climate Events

The severe and drastic change in the temperature across many areas of the globe including America has a direct effect on the climate events that befall the earth every year. Heavy rainfall for instance is an increased occurrence with the increasing heat level with a significant rise in the number of heavy rainfalls endured across America. With rainfall having a direct relation to the temperature of the earth’s surface, the occurrence is all the more hazardous with the lack of precautions.


10.  Decreasing Air Quality (Is Global Warming Real?)

Consequent to the rising temperature, the quality of the air is also heavily affected by global warming. The effect of which is first on ground-level ozone that increases with the pollutants like factors and cars then release toxic emissions into the earth’s atmosphere. The effect of this occurrence is direct and visible on the increased number of breathing problems. Many countries including India have witnessed severe breathing problems in the civilians during seasonal change.

Hopefully this article helps you decide if, Is Global Warming Real?


Image by Darwin Laganzon from Pixabay

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