Air pollution The way out

Air pollution The way out

Someone once asked; “What is that thing which is free and yet extremely expensive?” Air

So it’s obvious from research and assessment that the air we breathe is in jeopardy and believe it or not, we are all responsible for this misfortune. 

With today’s modern technology and growing attacks on the earth crust, it has become important for all hands to be on deck to ensure that air pollution is reduced to the barest in the nearest future.

Here will align the major industries and activities that contribute highly to airborne hazards as well as 8 candid steps towards making that future a reality where air becomes conducive for survival.


1. Automobiles

Commuting is a necessity and the production of more cars has not made the fight against air pollution an easy matter.

If anything, this has to be the highest rate of pollutant to the airwaves today.

But if there can be fewer vehicles on the road and less petrol-powered automobiles, then combustion engine force will be reduced and a safer environment, guaranteed.


2. Industrial emission

The second on the list is the factories and industrial emitted gas.

As growing population means an increase in manufacturing where industries are getting busier and carbon dioxides are being released incessantly.

But, the emitted natural gas which pollutes the air could be replaced with cleaner energy like biomass; fought with technological appliances like oxidizers or reduced to the barest using less toxic materials for manufacturing.


3. Bush burning control

Agricultural industries need to be on a red alert with the cases of bush burning carbon releases over time. It is the third most abysmal situation today.

This points out the obvious case of how farmers need to be cautioned on the best measures to take to avoid bush burning and ensure safer air supply.

In addition, one of the quickest ways to make any environment have fresh air is to grow more trees and plants.

This does more than just give a great greenery view but the availability of the fragrant air devoid of pollutants is heavenly for human consumption.


 4. Household pollutants

The home is where most people rush back to after an exhausting day. Bringing in all manner of emissions from the outside in addition to the gases produced on the inside due to excessive chemical products.

This means the home environs need to be fit and safe for living. 

Cleaner air can be achieved with the help of air filters for homes that can afford it as well as less patronage of cleaning agents and disinfectants that are high in unhealthy chemical components.


 5. Waste materials

Next is the excess waste which has become a worry. The gathering of piles without proper disposal becomes destructive. 

This can be handled through cleaner packaging of waste in distant land areas away from communities.

In so doing, recycling is approached properly especially in underdeveloped countries with larger populations living in low standard environments.


6. Wildlife (Air pollution The way out)

Although many will say this is mostly negligible, Wildlife is a strong cause of air pollution as more animals go extinct and others die due to global warming and heat waves. 

This reaction brings about the release of pollutants like nitrous gas and methane from animal carcasses.

This dent to wildlife and hazard to air supply can best be prevented through better care and consciousness for the safety of livestock and wildlife.


7. Suppliers and distributors (Air pollution The way out)

Foodstuffs supplied from far off regions through transport contribute in polluting the air with the constant commuting and transfers.

As aforementioned, factories work round the clock to produce goods needed to meet the growing population.

But this could all be managed if more homes have gardens to plant and grow food.

The onus is on individuals to take on farming and gardening as a way of encouraging healthy food supply within communities.


8. Smoking (Air pollution The way out)

It’s no news how cigarettes have brought about the increasing case of lung cancer due to the high consumption of nicotine and the emitted smoke. This is another strong cause for concern.

Thus, technology has come to the rescue with the production of electronic cigarettes that keep the body in good health and the air safer.

Finally, all these industrial causes can be managed and averted if the government policies are enacted to set boundaries in terms of industrial emission limits, content evaluation in products, legal backing for tax and levies on industries and distributors, monitoring and a complete checkmating of the entire sensitive organisations responsible for a high rate of airborne health disruption.

To breathe again; you can trade everything you have in the world just for that one deep breath.

Air pollution The way out


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Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

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