Impact of Air Pollution on Personal Finance

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Polluted air may cause serious health effects. It is increasing day by day. Reasons behind increasing air pollution are industrial smoke, wildfires, transportation, burning of fossil fuel, construction and demolition of buildings, indoor air pollution, etc. Polluted air leads to lung disorders, asthma, bronchitis and even heart diseases. It impacts our health negatively while impact personal finance too. Below listed are certain ways by which air pollution impact personal finance.

  1. Health conditions:

    Air pollution imposes serious health damage to our health. It varies from being temporary to permanent. Thus, if you are exposed to polluted air you need to spend on threats caused by air pollution

  1. Air handling units:

    Due to poor quality of air, people use air purifiers or air handling units in order to keep particulate matters and polluted air in control. It is an extra expenditure people have to make.

  1. Standardization of vehicle:

    Fuel based vehicle creates air pollution and because of this people are shifting towards vehicle which make use of CNG. Well, this is a huge expenditure when you have to change the whole system of your vehicle.

  1. Fixing indoor energy supply

    : According to WHO, half of the population of the world still does not have access to LPG for cooking purpose. They use coal, wood or kerosene for this. But to tackle the problem of air pollution they need to fix the indoor energy supply. Thus, a shift from traditional methods to LPG requires personal finance.

  1. Medical bills:

    Permanent health damages caused by air pollution require lung transplant or heart transplant, this in turn result in long medical bills which ultimately affect your personal finance.

  1. Loss in business:

    Many people are dependent on farming. Increasing air pollution affects the quality and growth of crops. This reduces the yield of crop. Poor quality or reduced quantity of crop leads to extra expenditure.

  1. Missed working days:

    Many workers are not able to work due to increasing air pollution. This results in low income or sometimes no income at all.

  1. Reduced productivity:

    Finance of workers is affected when they are not able to work properly due to long term exposure to polluted air. There wages are cut down when they are not able to deliver the same amount of work

  1. Using respirators:

    People use different kinds of respirators in order to intake good quality of air. This has added on to extra finance from that fixed income

  1. Shift to LED lights:

    Indoor air pollution is even caused by using lamp or halogen bulbs. Thus, people need to shift from using traditional lamp to LED lights, which again is a threat to your income.

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